Domestic Violence Essay Peculiarities and Good Topics

A domestic violence essay is a specific assignment that touches upon a severe social problem. You will be able to craft an impressive work only if you treat this kind of assignment with the utmost seriousness. An essay about domestic violence is assigned with the aim to find out what students think about the causes and effects of this problem. In order to write a top-notch paper on this topic, you will have to conduct research and in-depth analysis of the problem.

Check the statistics, which proves how serious the problem is and think of the most effective ways on how to convey the main idea to the reader. A domestic violence topic covers a lot of issues. There are different forms of domestic violence. Brainstorm ideas on the narrow domestic violence topics, check our useful guide for writing an essay that will meet the requirements of your teacher. Let's get started!

How to Write an Essay on Domestic Violence Properly?

Writing an essay on domestic violence requires much time and efforts. Do you want to craft it quickly and effectively? Then, check what you should pay attention to when writing your paper. Use the full guide below in order to get the high score for your academic assignment.

  • Identify the central idea of your paper: You should make the broad topic narrow. When hearing about domestic violence, most people associate it with the bad attitude towards women. However, this is not the only form of domestic violence. Unfortunately, it has a lot of forms. Everyone, including men and children, can become an object of the domestic violence. Choose the specific aspect you would like to talk about in your essay.
  • Prepare all necessary materials: Look for the sources of information you can rely on and choose those pieces of information that can add value to your essay. Look for the stories told by real people and use them as an illustration of the evidence that the problem of inappropriate attitude towards the family members really exists.
  • Write a powerful thesis statement: Not all students understand how important it is to make up a solid and clear thesis statement. If you make it clear, concise, and meaningful, your chances to attract the reader's attention will increase greatly. Stay focused when conveying the main idea within the certain word limit. Remember, that a thesis statement must be a paragraph, it shouldn't longer than two sentences.
  • Look for the opinions of experts: You should conduct research to find out what psychologists and other specialists think about the major causes and possible effects of the domestic violence. You can either present their thoughts in your own words or use quotes. Keep in mind that the number of quotes used in the essay is also limited since the major part of your work can't consist of the sayings of other people.
  • Develop your own opinion: You should write a paper on the basis of the expert opinions, and the real-life stories, which will help you to form your own attitude towards the problem. Share your ideas on how to “treat” the modern society and prevent the domestic violence manifestations forever.

Strong Domestic Violence Essay Thesis

As it has already been mentioned, the thesis statement for domestic violence essay is a part of great importance. Even though a thesis should consist of 1-2 sentences, the process of its writing may take you a lot of time. Most students need to rewrite it again and again until it sounds compelling and effective.

You will be able to write a refined thesis statement if having a clear understanding of the statement's purpose. It is aimed at reflecting the main idea of the paper. It should help the reader to understand what it is about and which position the writer occupies.

Eye-Catching Domestic Violence Essay Introduction

In order to catch the reader's attention, you should think really hard when writing a domestic violence essay introduction. Look for the facts that not everyone knows. Use the statistics to show that the problem really should be solved as quickly as possible. Tell a story with the elements of the domestic violence, which happened to you personally or the person whom you know.

Make it vivid and alive for your reader to have a feeling that he/she not just reads lines of the academic assignment but watches a film where the domestic violence is depicted as one of the major problems of the humanity.

Domestic Violence Essay Body: What to Include?

Divide the domestic violence essay body into three or four parts. You should tell about the findings on this topic supporting each idea with the evidence. Start each new paragraph with a new argument or a fact. Analyze the situation, brainstorm ideas on why the domestic violence occurs, and how a person who lives in the atmosphere of the physical or mental abuse can fight for his/her rights. Express your own point of view offering the solution of the problem.

Try to be original and creative. You should use samples on the same topic but don't steal other writers' thoughts from the examples. Share unique life experience. If you have been lucky not to face such a horrible thing as domestic violence, then look for some examples from the movies or books.

How to Write a Domestic Violence Essay Conclusion?

Have you finished with the main body of your paper? Then, take the final step-craft an impressive domestic violence essay conclusion. You will succeed if after reading your essay, the reader starts thinking about how to solve the discussed problem. Take into account that most readers memorize the final words better than everything that has been before. That's why do your best to make the conclusion powerful. Your reader shouldn't just read the paper and forget about it, and the main aim is to make everyone think about the problems that are present in our society.

A Domestic Violence Essay Outline Sample

Check the domestic violence essay outline:

  • Introduction:
    • An eye-catching sentence presenting the main idea;
    • A domestic violence definition;
    • A thesis statement concerning the issue of domestic abuse.
  • The Main Body:
    • Causes and effects of the violence at home;
    • Experts opinions;
    • How to deal with the problem?
    • Violence towards women/men/children with examples.
    • The writer's personal opinion.
  • The Conclusion
    • A short summary of the discussed points.

5 A-Grade Domestic Violence Essay Topics

Here are some key concepts and ideas that you can apply in your good domestic violence writing:

  1. What are the possible reasons for showing disrespect to family members?
  2. How to protect yourself from the violence at home if you are a teenager?
  3. Why do parents think that they can treat kids the way they want?
  4. Should children report about the domestic violence to the police?
  5. Is the divorce the only way out for a woman to escape the violence from the side of her husband?

Now, you are absolutely ready to write your excellent essay about the domestic violence issue! Good luck!