Essay Writing for Kids: How to Make It Entertaining?

Not many kids find essay writing an enjoyable thing to do. It is not surprising because it is very difficult for a kid to stick to a certain essay structure. A child may have a large number of thoughts and ideas on the topic, but he/she lacks the ability to organize all of them the right way. In order to teach a child to write good essays, it is necessary not only to write papers great on your own but to be able to explain how to do this so that the kid has no questions left.

Are tips on essay writing for kids exactly what you are looking for? Then, be careful following the guide on how to change the attitude of a child to essay writing task. Believe that essay writing tips for kids will help to teach a kid how to present his/her flow of thoughts logically.

How to Teach Kids to Write an Essay in 5 Simple Steps

It is not a secret that the key to success is an inspiration. The main task of parents and teachers is to make a kid inspired. He/she should understand how he/she can benefit from the great writing skills. For example, when hearing from a kid that he/she isn't going to do the task, it is possible to invent something like this: “If you practice in writing, you will be able to write a letter to Father Frost”, or “Do you want to write a birthday card to your granny on your own?

Then, learn to organize your thoughts. These are just simple examples. Every parent knows how to motivate his/her child to do things he/she refused to do. How to teach kids to write an essay? Check the 5 simple steps that will lead you to the desired goal:

  • Assure that a kid doesn't have problems with the grammar knowledge: This doesn't mean that the grammar should be perfect. When a child starts writing essays, he/she may make small mistakes, but your task is to make sure that he/she knows the basics.
  • Create an essay outline together: Explain to the kid that an outline is really helpful. It can save much time, which he/she can devote to favorite games, etc. Remember about motivation! It is up to parents and teachers to help the child to organize thoughts and ideas the right way and put them into an outline.
  • Practice, practice, and practice: Don't think that the summer holidays are a good reason to stop writing essays. That is not so because it is difficult to acquire skills and it is very easy to lose them. Ask a kid to write at least one paragraph daily. It is very helpful when a kid writes a personal diary expressing his/her thoughts.
  • Reading high-quality literary works: It is well-known that people who have read much all life long don't experience difficulties with expressing their thoughts.
  • Kids should read as much as possible. However, it is not recommended to overload a kid much.

Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

It is necessary to explain to a kid that a descriptive essay is a piece of writing, which major goal is to help the reader to see what you are talking about. Writing this kind of work supposes using a lot of adjectives, which are inevitable in descriptions. One more significant thing to take into account is that a good essay should refer to the senses. In order to write bright descriptive essays, practice is a must.

It is not a secret that kids study through a game much faster than when sitting at a desk and listening to the guidelines. There is a game, which will help to improve descriptive writing skills. Its rules are the following: one person should describe something and another player should guess what it is. It is a simple entertaining way to help a kid to provide the detailed description.

The Expository Essay Writing Guide

Having expository essay writing skills is also very important. A kid will benefit from this knowledge, which will help not only to get high scores at school but also to explain things in everyday life. Give a kid an example of how to explain something. It is very effective to give a prompt for a kid to get started.

Practice in acquiring expository writing skills regularly. For example, ask a kid to explain why his/her friends prefer playing games to studying, why he/she likes this cartoon more than another one, why he/she likes this music, etc. Believe, it is really easy! Explaining things daily, a kid will understand what the purpose of the expository essay is.

Informative Essay: How to Teach a Kid to Write It?

An informative essay supposes that you will find certain information on the subject and share it with the reader. For example, one of the training exercises can be giving a kid a task to read instructions on how to use something and ask him/her to tell what is written there. The task is not to provide your personal point of view but to communicate the information on a subject in a clear and concise manner for the reader to understand how he/she can benefit from the information he/she got from the writer.

Persuasive Essay: Tips for Crafting

Persuasive essay teaches kids not just to say “This is the best game I have ever played” but to prove that it is really so. Explain to the kid how important it is for any person to persuade that his/her point of view will be worth something only if there are convincing arguments. Choose a topic that a kid is familiar with and ask his/her opinion. After listening to it, say that you disagree and give some arguments. In his/her turn, a kid will try to find counterarguments to persuade that not you but he/she is right.

Compare Essay: Tips for Acquiring Writing Skills

Every day we compare things when making choices. However, a kid won't be glad when being asked to write a compare essay. Think of interesting ways of how to attract his/her attention to this essay genre. For example, when going shopping, always ask a kid to compare products. You can pretend that it is difficult for you to make a choice between products belonging to one category. Let the kid share his/her, make a comparative analysis of the features, finishing with a conclusion what is more suitable for you. Show a kid how enjoyable the process of comparing things can be.

Essay Ideas for Kids: 5 Topics to Choose from

Have a look at the list of essay ideas for kids:

  1. What superhero do you like most?
  2. What kind of toy would you invent if you could?
  3. What are your likes and dislikes?
  4. What tastes better: a strawberry or a chocolate ice-cream?
  5. What would you do if you got the freedom to do what you want?

How to Write an Essay Outline for Kids Making It Simple?

It is possible to create a great essay outline for kids while playing. Give a kid a sheet of paper and ask to brainstorm ideas on the topic he/she considers the most important. Your task is to make the so-called mind map. It is not obligatorily for a kid to know that this is an essay writing task. Let him/her think that it is a game where it is necessary to analyze the main ideas of the topic, and then divide all thoughts into three groups: those that belong to the introduction, major points that should be in the main body, and the summing up of all vital ideas presented in a short conclusion.