Money back guarantee

Using the assistance of our service you can have every confidence in its quality as every customer is very important for us. That's why we recommend considering reading our money back guarantee details before filling in the order form. The acknowledgement of reciprocal obligations by customers and our team definitely helps us to work with confidence, assisting you at the highest level.

The money-back feature is seldom required by our customers as we're able to complete orders of various intricacy levels, but we think that such possibility must be provided at all times. There is also a revision option to satisfy every single requirement.

If the situation you have got corresponds the cases listed below, you can definitely expect to get your money back. Keep in mind that it is possible receive not only a part of the paid amount back but also the full cost of your order. However, it depends on several conditions

100% refund

  1. The customer made two identical orders by mistake
    In case of finding yourself in such a situation, we recommend our customers to get ahold of our support department and inform us at the earliest opportunity. Bear in mind, the quicker it's done, the more likely it is that your order hasn’t been given to our professional yet, which means you’ll receive a 100% refund, that’s why the order form checking must be done thoroughly.
  2. Customer had cancelled their order before its processing started
    This case speaks for itself. You can get the whole sum back if the writer has not been found by the cancellation time.
  3. Too many tasks at hand
    The skillsets of our professionals allow us to handle a vast range of order types, but even so, because of various unforeseen events or a really heavy workload, the availability of our writers can be limited.
  4. Ordered once - paid twice
    Despite the fact that we attentively monitor all the bills and orders, double-billing might happen, but extremely rarely. Contact our support agents the instant you realize that you paid double the price for one order. Keep in mind, you'll be able to get a full refund only after providing us with the copies of your receipts.

Partial refund

This type of a refund will be fulfilled when your case is found matching one of those described in this sub-section:

  1. Late delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseeable circumstances. The sum of a refund is discussed with the customer and is affected by a number of aspects. In order to avoid this type of situations, the customers have to be very careful as well. Sometimes it is hard for us to begin working on the order because the customer has not sent us some important documents. In this situation, it is impossible to receive a refund. Therefore, we advise uploading every important file just after filling in the order form.
  2. Cancelling the order while it’s been assigned to our expert
    Under these circumstances, you can receive about 70% of your spendings back, and the rest will be used to cover the writer's time and effort. But if over half of time left to the due date passed, you would get no more than 50% of your money back.
  3. Customer is dissatisfied after getting their final result
    If you're not satisfied with the result, we offer you a possibility for your complaints to be investigated by our managers. If it's really our fault and your complaints are reasonable, we'll provide you with a partial refund based on the circumstances. Because of our writers' abilities, their good track record and dependability, such situations hardly ever take place.
  4. Plagiarized works
    Our primary aim when working on your tasks is to use only on-topic and trustworthy information that is fascinating and unique. Yet, if you send us some evidence that your work turned out to be plagiarized, we'll look into your case and, depending on the results, we will offer you a revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. In case the mark you received for the paper written by our service isn't as great as you've expected it to be.
    We always endeavor to do our best, but we cannot guarantee the greatest mark because it often depends on your teacher's or professor's discretion.
  2. Formatting, editing, proofreading
    Take into account that this kind of services with the previously prepared paper is always performed without making any alterations to your work’s content. We're not liable for any complaints regarding the content.

Money-back process

When we confirm that your request for a refund is well-founded, it will take no longer than five working days for your money to be given back. In case there are some issues with the transaction relating to any third-party organizations, keep in mind that such complaints are not subject to review.

Also, we offer the money-back option for the sum of more than 10 USD because otherwise it barely covers the transaction fees. If you wish to receive a refund instantly, you are given an opportunity to keep this amount on your account to use it for your future orders.