Simple Point by Point Essay Guidelines for Students

Sometimes, the number of academic assignments can make any student go crazy. Yet still, if you find a valuable instruction, point by point essay won’t be so difficult for you! The overarching mission of this article is to talk about the significant peculiarities and requirements. You’ll find out what it is, how to deal with a point by point essay format and other crucially important tips, which will help you forget about all difficulties related to this assignment.

What is a Point by Point Essay — Short Definition

If you get this assignment, it doesn’t mean you won’t cope with it. In very deed, a point by point essay definition is the following one — it is a form of a contrasting essay. But, even such a simple definition may have its pitfalls. Otherwise stated, if you receive this academic assignment, it means you must create a compare and contrast essay, following the rules of a point by point method essay.

It just means that you should take two subjects or two entirely different objects and correlate them following the specific rules. For instance, two things have similarities and variances. Your overarching objective is to find and describe them in your essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Point by Point — Tips to Follow

Having got this task, you shouldn’t get upset because you have never done it before. In sober fact, it is even easier than any other academic assignment. You just need to follow a certain plan, and you’ll understand what you should do.

Lots of university and college academicians frequently face the question of how to write a point by point compare and contrast essay. Our fundamental purpose is to help you find the answer to this question.

Firstly, you should pick up the most exciting and appropriate subject. Alternatively stated, you should decide what particular subjects you wish to compare. In your essay, you should analyze all similar characteristic features and differences of both issues. For instance, you should take one aspect of both subjects and discuss them in the same paragraph.

If you are going to use this method, your body part shouldn’t be shorter than three paragraphs. It can definitely be longer (depending on the topic), but you should always adhere to a particular structure. Sometimes, your teacher may set certain requirements for this task. For that reason, before you immerse yourself in covering the subject area, you should ask him to clarify the details.

What Point by Point Essay Format to Follow?

As well as any other creative assignment, this one also should be properly structured. You simply can’t take your laptop and note down all ideas that come to your mind. Your writing should have a clear and understandable structure. For that reason, you should subdivide your essay into the following parts:

  • Catching and interesting introductory sentences;
  • A few body paragraphs (at least 3);
  • Concluding sentences.

Your introductory sentences are a sterling opportunity to introduce your task to the audience. Thus, they should be intriguing. Think of your subject area and decide what particular fact can grab the reader’s attention. After that, you should compose an amazing introduction.

Your body paragraphs should be devoted to covering the chosen topic. You should decide what particular aspects you wish to compare and cover them one by one.

Concluding sentences is your final chance to express your viewpoint and repeat once again the importance of your subject area. You just need to review the results of your research and render a certain decision. This part is the shortest one. Besides, you can’t cover new ideas in it. Its overriding priority is to draw a certain conclusion.

Simple Point by Point Essay Outline Examples

It is easier to understand the material when you have certain samples to follow. Your outline will help you keep all necessary things in mind and not to forget anything. We prepared a detailed structure to follow:

  • An introductory part where you need to represent both subjects, which you should compare.
  • Body sentences. You should subdivide it into a few paragraphs. For instance, one supporting feature and its explanation in relation to both subjects. You can add a few paragraphs with different supporting features.
  • Concluding sentences.

We hope, you’ll soar to success, using our guidelines. Any creative assignment seems to be difficult, especially if you deal with it for the first time. So, to answer the question of what is a point by point essay, and find out how to do this task correctly, you should glance over this manual.