Toulmin Essay — Useful Recommendations for Writing

There is a great variety of essays. Many of them are quite typical, and students compose them almost every time. These are descriptive, argumentative, expository, and other essay types. Each of them has its own goals and some different requirements. Though some may be challenging, students get used to them and experience almost no problems.

In the meanwhile, there also some pretty rare assignments. They may cause certain complications because students are not quite familiar with them. One of those is Toulmin essay. That is a specific piece of academic writing, which has a pretty unconventional structure and format. It includes six significant elements, which will be highlighted and discussed a bit later.

Many students get frightened by this variety of components. Nonetheless, you should not worry concerning the Toulmin argument essay. These components are very logical and plain for understanding. They greatly help students to compose really sound arguments.

What Is a Toulmin Essay — Define It Well

Stephen Toulmin was a splendid British writer, educator, and even philosopher. An author has dedicated a lot of time and works to the analysis of writing and moral reasoning. He designed a new approach to essay writing. It includes six various elements, which are related to one another. Their combination is a powerful tool if using correctly. So, what is a Toulmin essay?

Toulmin model essay undertakes an in-depth analysis of all aspects of academic research. Six separate but related elements of your research help to craft an appropriate argument. Thus, one may spot weak sides of an argument and edit it before it’s too late. One may likewise find additional clues, which remain unnoticed if to use a standard approach. Therefore, an essay which shows the Toulmin method is a logical work that requires time and dedication. No matter how durable the process might be, you would be content with the outcomes.

Toulmin Essay Format Main Points

In order to understand this method better, we should review a Toulmin essay format. It includes:

  • Data. These are the grounds of evidence you will implement to support your argument.
  • Claim. Your central concept, which you offer to your readers.
  • Warrants. These are facts that give the links to the datum with claim and likewise clarify the feedback.
  • Qualifiers. These are the keywords, which strengthen the connection amongst all elements of the writing.
  • Rebuttals. Strong arguments that help to oppose the potential objections towards your argument.
  • Backing Statements. These are additional supporters of the warrants.

As you can see, all these elements have a specific relation to one another and don’t exist alone. They give support, connect and emphasize the meanings and values. If you implement them correctly, you’ll manage to compose an outstanding argumentation.

How to Write an Essay Using the Toulmin Model

After we have reviewed the Toulmin essay structure, we should analyze the way it can be composed. We have prepared for you an excellent method to understand this concept. In order to see how to write an essay using the Toulmin model, we would like to show an example. When we look at the model in the completed version, the comprehension becomes much easier.

It is important to stop smoking(claim)as multiple types of research and surveys proved that merely(qualifier)80% of all smokers suffer lung cancer(data). If we quit smoking, the percentage of this severe ailment will sufficiently reduce, and many people will never suffer it(warrant). You will be stronger and healthier without this bad habit. Accordingly, your lifespan will be probably much longer(backing statements). Undoubtedly, smoking is not obligatorily the defining factor that develops cancer. Nonetheless, if you smoke, you sufficiently increase the probability that the ailment will take place(rebuttal).”

Toulmin Essay Outline Features

Another good method to define how to compose an assignment with this method is to view the Toulmin essay outline. Here, we prepared a good example for you as well. The Toulmin model essay outline looks like this:

  • Stating the issue.
    Implement the materials that grab the reader’s attention. Mention the issue. Introduce the claim together with qualifiers.
  • Implementing datum.
    You should use all the information you have to support the claim. There may be only two points. However, the numbers are almost unrestricted.
  • Exploring warrants.
    Underline the logical connection to the data. The number of warrants is also different. Simply use really convincing facts.
  • Offering factual backup.
    You are expected to support your warrants. Your feedback may be both practical and theoretical. Provide support for all warrants yup have. Don’t leave even a single point without the feedback.
  • Highlighting counter-arguments and providing a rebuttal.
    Implement as many counter-arguments as you can find. Afterward, provide for every point rebuttal. Defend your own position.
  • Concluding.
    Reconsider the entire project and mention the main argument. Summarize the major points. Finally, make the last impressive line to make your readers remember the main claim.

Toulmin Essay Ideas to Consider

The choice of a topic is of great importance. If you select a worthy theme, you have all chances to succeed. The issues for this essay type are supposed to be relevant and hit important points. Here are several Toulmin essay ideas:

  • Is the death penalty fair and reasonable?
  • What measures can reduce the number of crimes?
  • How can the humanity prevent natural catastrophes?
  • What are the most effective methods to prevent the spreading of AIDS?
  • Effective measures to overcome interracial confrontation.

You’re free to use similar topics. The main objective is to highlight really important issues. Think about some other guidelines and use this great method to meet academic success.